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ZOO Classic and Sports Vehicle Auctions is based on the very successful “Bring a Trailer” concept in the USA. “Car auctions the way they should be done”.

A simple but effective way to sell or buy your vehicle and easy to use for both buyers and sellers. You list, sell or buy your next vehicle without having to leave the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge that our team of experts will look after you every step of the way. We list a wide variety of vehicles makes, models and vehicle types which allows to us to appeal to as bigger audience as possible. Our listings our aimed at a person and not a particular market. Customers often have more than one area of interest which is why we try to make our auctions as diverse and as interesting as possible.

As a seller you pay nothing to list and advertise with us. As a buyer you pay 6% or £600 minimum for cars £300 for number plates, with a cap of £6000, the winning bid amount is paid directly to the seller. Compare this to traditional Auction house fees where they charge buyers and sellers much more than 6%. You also keep your car with you until the auction ends, so no dragging yourself and your car to a cold and gloomy auction house. 

We encourage anyone thinking about selling their car to contact us to discuss how we may help.

Why Sell With Us...

Are Dealers quoting book prices far too low, are they still using a book? We know that certain types of cars or motorbikes cannot be valued like this and you have to price to the market and current demand. I’m never using EBAY again, you get messed about and they hardly ever turn up ?

Have you used or thought these words when buying or selling your car, if so then we may have the solution for you. Have you seen the costs of taking a specialist car to an Auction ? Compare those to our costs and I’m sure you will see that an online site is much better value for money. The saving on a £20,000 car is around £3,000 and the car stays with you until the money is paid. Much easier all around.

Z00 Classic and Sports is an online auction site specialising in Sports, Iconic and Classic cars. We currently have pre-approved buyers looking to purchase cars. 

You receive 100% of your final price as we charge no fees to you at all, and best of all its free to list too.

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There's something for everyone.

We try to list as big a variety of vehicles and Number Plates as possible. Auctions can become stale and mundane if it’s the same old stock week in week out. Whether it’s a current classic, future investment, race or sports car, then we would love to hear from you.

Buyers and sellers are not two different people in our eyes. If you’re a seller then you have bought it once and you will probably buy again. We have a lot of customers who have sold their vehicle with us and then bought another as the process is so simple and costs are very little.


The ZOO Auction site has seen visits from people from all walks of life, listed below are just a selection of their experiences.

I was like a young boy in a sweet shop and found my dream car.

Mr JenningsDevon

Something for everyone and an absolute pleasure to buy from.

Mr SmithYorkshire

I bought a pristine Porsche 911, the site was new territory for me but it was easy.

Mr WestNorthumberland

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