Having unleashed the world’s first true super naked in 2003, Aprilia were convinced that the Tuono’s success was no flash in the pan and an updated model duly arrived.

Aprilia offered this bike in three versions: RSV 1000 R is the standard version, the higher spec version is called the RSV 1000 R Factory, and there’s also a limited edition version called RSV 1000 R Nera. This bike is a one off limited edition Racing model of which 200 were only made.

Almost everything that isn’t aluminium on the Racing edition must be carbon fibre, including the fenders, belly pan, seat fairing, bikini, ram air scoops, radiator shrouds, and oil tank.  All that carbon helps the “transformer” looks of the Tuono. In this case the accent is the black painted nylon fuel tank, and the colourful graphics on the seat fairing and belly pan.  The gold anodizing on the brake carriers, forks, and handlebars adds a nice highlight.

All this Carbon Fibre adds to a weight saving and total bike comes in at 181kg.thats 13kg less than the equivalent Ducati 916. Impressive stuff !!

Its like you are almost getting two bikes for the price of one. Double the visual impact too. The naked with the highest performance on the market cannot fail to attract attention and admiration. Provided you can keep up of course! And not even the best sports roadsters can. A few seconds at the traffic lights perhaps, to appreciate the true Racing lines then it's time to say goodbye! Dark, mean looking, with "Aprilia" emblazoned on the rear mudguard and belly pan, just like Aprilia's factory racers. And with yellow number holders on the rear and front fairing, in compliance with the latest speed championship regulations.

The Tuono Racing leaves you breathless even in its road-going clothing. With its competition kit fitted, the Racing becomes the dream you thought you could never achieve. There is no fairing to hide the muscle of the  V twin, and the triple front headlight cluster has become just a factory mark. Aprilia's obsessive attention to detail and finish makes the Tuono Racing a totally unique machine. The Tuono Racing is aggressive, modern, sporting, and exclusive, with extremely effective sports and track ergonomics too. The bike's inimitable design starts right from the front, with a carbon headlight cover and a cockpit fairing that gives the bike better aerodynamics than any other sports naked. So many details set the Tuono Racing aside from the rest, like the nylon slide buffers, white wheels, drilled bolts, reverse gearshift, and carbon passenger seat cover; components that most track and road riders can only dream of.

What more needs be said about this engine? Its uniqueness, reliability and performance have made it a reference for every other motorcycle in the class. We are talking of course, about the same one thousand cc 60 degree V twin that powers all Aprilia's 1000 cc machines. These figures translate into tremendous flexibility, instant response, and incredible riding sensations.

It’s hard to believe this bike is now 17 years old. It’s aggressive angles, profile and twin pipes all look as good now as they did back then. This big twin is still a head turner.

From the moment you throw your leg over and hoist yourself into the seat, it’s clear the RSV is not for the faint of heart.The Tuono may be a sporty super naked but it is also surprisingly practical thanks to the fact it is quite a big and roomy motorcycle and that means you can certainly take it on trips away - as long as the speeds are kept fairly low on the long straights to save your neck muscles. A few owners fit taller screens, but they make the already slightly odd looking Tuono even less visually appealing...

This is not a bike for the stop stat of the city centre, it’s a bit jumpy and its best on the open roads. Once on the A roads, it all starts to make a bit more sense. The hard suspension works wonders on the long, fast sweeping bends. Considering the weight of the bike, it carries it amazingly well and it actually feels like your riding a much smaller machine. The low to mid range torque is quite addictive and it pulls hard and the sound on the A roads was also intoxicating. Plenty of burbles and pops on down shifts and that iconic twin rumble as powering out of corners. 

This particular example is an absolutely stunning and very rare Racing edition. A one off find with low mileage example with only 16,000 miles from new. Finished in Black and Red this bike does not look 17 years old and is a credit to its former keepers.

Service history is a little sparce on this one as we only have 2 stamps in the book at 1800km and 13400km. The speedo reads at 16,000 miles (converted from KM) so has only averaged 1k per year. It has been part of a 10 bike collection and has been ridden very rarely indeed.

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