Selling with ZOO

Q: Why sell with us?

Are Dealers quoting book prices far too low, are they still using a book ? We know that certain types of cars or motorbikes cannot be valued like this and you have to price to the market and current demand.
I’m never using EBAY again, you get messed about and they hardly ever turn up ?

Have you used or thought these words when buying or selling your car , if so then we may have the solution for you.
Have you seen the costs of taking a specialist car to an Auction ? Compare those to our costs and I'm sure you will see that an online site is much better value for money. The saving on a £20,000 car is around £3,000 and the car stays with you until the money is paid. Much easier all around.

Z00 Classic and Sports Car Auctions is an online auction site specialising in Sports, Iconic and Classic cars. We currently have many pre-approved buyers looking to purchase cars. 

You receive 100% of the final bid (should it have met your reserve) as we charge no fees to you at all, and best of all its free to list too.

Q: How does the process work?

Send us your vehicle details via our online form

We check all the details you provide and research your car.

Once we have gone through your details, we'll agree a reserve price with you.

We arrange the photographs with you and write your auction listing.

Once your listing is agreed your auction will be scheduled for a start date.


Q: How much does it cost to sell something with ZOO Auctions?

It's FREE. Selling with us is completely free and you will receive 100% of the selling price.

Q: Will you Auction everything that you are offered?

No not everything, but we will consider every offering.

Q: How do I know if my vehicle will be suitable for your site?

ZOO Auctions is run by real automotive enthusiasts, collectors ourselves, so we have a broad understanding of the market and will give every offering real consideration. Click Sell with Us and tell us about your offering, we’ll be in touch once we have this.
If your vehicle has appeal and you are realistic about your price expectations, then we are likely to want to help!

Q: What information do I need to provide to ZOO?

When you submit your Vehicle/Plate for consideration, we will ask for key details about your lot. When we make a decision to consign an auction lot, our copywriters will contact you to gather further information.

Q: What is the process for consigning an auction lot?

Vehicles and registration plates/automobilia are submitted for consideration by their owners and are subsequently reviewed and curated by an in-house team, with input from independent specialists should we need.

Q: How much detail do you need about the history, appearance and mechanical condition of the auction lot?

We aim to make our listings as accurate as any online auction platform. For this reason, we ask that you supply as much information as possible about lot — even the less desirable parts of its history or appearance.
Whilst ZOO does perform some verification processes, including HPI and MOT checks, ZOO Auctions shall not be liable to the seller or the buyer for any error or misstatement in or omission from the description of any Auction Lot.

Q: Can I set a minimum selling price for the auction lot?

Sellers can request that the lot is auctioned with a reserve. The value of any reserve is agreed in consultation with our team to ensure that it is market realistic. 
Please note that ZOO Auctions, at our own discretion, has the right to make up the difference between the highest bid and the reserve if the highest bid does not meet the reserve.

Q: What happens once my auction lot is live?

Once an auction lot is open for bidding, any registered user can ask a question about it in the comments below each listing. You will obviously be aware of the date of your auction and so Sellers should be be available as much as possible to respond quickly.

Q: Do I need to make the auction lot available for viewings?

Many buyers will be willing to purchase an auction lot unseen, but others may request an inspection. We ask all our sellers to make their vehicles available for viewings whenever possible.
Buyers and sellers shall not engage in any activity designed to complete or facilitate a transaction for the sale or purchase of an auction outside of the site. If any sale of an auction is concluded outside of the site, you will be obliged to pay the fees to ZOO Auctions that would have been paid by the buyer had the auction been sold via the site. This is calculated on the last reserve you agreed with ZOO Auctions, or if none, a minimum charge of £600 for cars and £300 for number plates.

Q: Do I get to approve the auction listing before it goes live?

Absolutely, your offer will not be Auctioned until you are happy with your listing. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the listing is an accurate description of the auction lot. The proposed start date for the auction will be discussed at this point.

Q: Can I bid on my own auction lot?

No, you can not. If it is found that you or someone you know is bidding on your behalf on the auction lot, you will be pursued for committing an act of fraud or other criminal offences, as is covered in clause 9 of the Terms and Conditions.

Q: Can I withdraw my lot?

Once you have submitted your auction lot to ZOO Auctions and the auction has gone live in our ‘Coming Soon’ section, you cannot withdraw your car. If you do withdraw your car, you will be obliged to pay the fees to ZOO Auctions in accordance with clause 3 in the Terms and Conditions that would have been paid by the Buyer, calculated on the last reserve you agreed with Zoo Auctions, or if none, a minimum charge of £600 on cars and a minimum charge of £300 for number plates.

Q: What happens at the end of the auction if the auction lot sells?

When an auction lot sells successfully on the platform, a 6% premium (£600 minimum on cars, and £300 for number plates with a cap of £6,000 ) is charged to the winning bidders account. This is a fee for using the platform and not a down payment on the auction lot. The seller and buyer are then digitally ‘introduced’ to complete the transaction.

Q: Can you remove the auction listing after it’s been listed on ZOO Auctions?

Once the highest bid has been accepted on an auction, the auction listing will be complete. The car will removed from our site within 24 hours. 

The bids and comments made on the auction while it was live will be removed. If an auction did not meet reserve, the listing will be removed from the website . We do not remove an auction listing, but if we were to, it would be done at ZOO Auctions own discretion.

Q: What happens if there are no bids above my reserve price?

If the auction lot fails to meet its reserve but the final bid is close to the reserve, then the seller will be notified of the highest bid. The seller will then have 24 hours from the end of the auction to either accept or reject this bid. This 24-hour period can be extended by agreement between ZOO and the buyer.

If there is no agreement to extend and the buyer is not notified of the acceptance of their final bid within 24 hours from the end of the auction, it will be deemed to be rejected. If the bid is accepted by the seller, we will put the buyer in touch with the seller for the sale of the auction lot.

Please note that ZOO Auctions, at our own discretion, has the right to make up the difference between the highest bid and the reserve if the highest bid does not meet the reserve.

Q: Can I discuss a consignment with you without signing up?

If you have a consignment to discuss, but you are not ready to sign up with an account, please contact us now.