As a Manchester United Football Club supporter this is probably the most unique number plate you can possibly own. Not only has M666UFC got the full initials of the football club it also carries the emblem of the devil, 666 the red devils.

M666UFC does not make you guess the meaning of the plate with dots, reversed numbers and letters, it is what it reads.

If you are a mad keen Manchester United fan then this is the plate for you.

Bidders should note that for the duration of the auction, the registration plate 'M666 UFC’ is offered exclusively on the ZOO Auctions platform. We have experienced the some brokers and dealers may offer these registration marks speculatively. Any marketing from a source that is not ZOO Auctions should be disregarded.

Please note: the winning bid on a number plate is subject to ZOO Auctions' standard buyer's premium of 6%, with a minimum premium of £300 and a maximum premium of £6,000. Please ensure you have accounted for this in before placing your bid.