Eights weren't one of the best-selling cars of the 1930s because they were cheap or because of their cuddly looks. Engineering excellence and ruggedness were the order of the day, meaning a fair number have survived into the 21st Century. A major plus point with the cars was their hydraulic brakes, which even today are surprisingly effective.

More than 221,500 examples were sold in saloon and tourer form between 1934 and 1938, when the reen a Morris Eight Series I and II apart from the later car having a different radiator grille and being fitted with Easiclean wheels.

Pre-WWII cars have their own charm, which is never greater than on these cars. It would be almost impossible not to fall for the Morris Eight's loveable character, from its flowing running boards to the smell of the hot engine. You won't find anything to satisfy your urge for speed with a whole 23bhp under your right foot , but an Eight bowls along happily at 45-50mph. The 0-62 times are irrelevant as it won’t get there as it tops out at 58mph

How lucky that these cars were so much nicer to drive than their main rivals the Austin Seven and Ford Model Y, both of which the Morris comprehensively outsold. They're economical to run, easy to maintain and have excellent club and specialist support.

This is a very special arrival and a very important car to us given that the Morris 8 is an older relative of the beloved Minor!
This particular example was imported from south Africa in the late 80’s which explains why she is in such good order for an 82 year old car.

To run through briefly the body work is exceptionally clean for a car of her age the paint has a nice finish and as can be seen gleams well in the sun.
Although there are blemishes and the odd mark here and there.

Mechanically the Morris’s side valve engine ticks over and pulls well, her transmission is smooth with no whines, and if you aren’t in a rush to get there she is a pleasure to drive.
The suspension on the car is smooth having driven up the very rough railway track to photo her she didn’t knock or bang at all.

Interior wise the Maroon seats are in good order with no obvious signs of wear, there is a new carpet fitted and the door cards and trims are good, the bakerlite dash is nice and clean too.
The headliner is tatty, however it is original so we will leave it for a prospective new owner to decide to replace or not (we can do this for you!).

To summarise the Morris runs well and is nice to drive, she turns heads as she is stunning!
It would be ideal to become part of a collection, for local showing or 1940s events,

We are not your average spit and polish classic cars dealership, we are a Morris minor specialist with years of experience, in sales, repairs and full build.

A full back up service is offered with our cars as we can provide a service plan and all parts as required.

We are a family run company, who take pride in the final product we supply to you.

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