This is a 1996 model with 106,000 miles converted from 176,000 km.

What's left to say about a classic two door early Impreza? Not much!

We all know the story, it's the mid 90's and Subaru and Mitsubishi are dominating the WRC with the next generation of 4x4 and turbo technology. Whether it's an Evo or an Impreza what we are really talking about are true icons from the world of motorsport.

Fast forward 20 years and the sight of an early Impreza on the UK roads, especially a proper two door still has an impact, maybe even more now than they did back in the day. There is a certain age group that loved these cars as they grew up and could only dream of owning and insuring one. That generation is now in there 40’s and all of a sudden this feels like a good excuse for a mid-life spending spree (not the lack of the word crisis) There's something so nice about these, little, narrow bodied early cars, they evoke memories of a different time of driving , before speed cameras became the blight of the UK roads.

This Particular Version 3 Type R was imported from Japan on 2016 and went through the SVA process and was MOT’d upon entry. Having only made 1371 of this model good examples of these are of getting harder and harder to find in sensible condition so we were really pleased to offer this rare, example in great condition.

This is a great clean example , it has had a respray in recent years which makes the car  look almost perfect for todays conditions. There is slight wear internally as you would expect for a 24 year old car but overall its a credit to the previous owners.

The 2 door versions of this car are 10kg lighter than the 4 door versions and came in with a kerb weight of 1240kg.The sublime flat 4 engine has a burble upon start up which hints at the sound and performance to come. Performance is thrilling and the AWD system helps to put that power on the road where it’s meant to be. A close range 5 speed gearbox is firm on the change and feels solid.

Performance and grip are also helped by the Rear limited slip diff and a central diff switch which allowed you to control the level of power to the wheel, combined with the AWD system this made this Subaru very planted indeed.

0-62 times were rapid to say the least with 4.7 secs being reported. At year of launch the supercars from the big boys such as the Ferrari Testarossa and the Porsche 911 were both slower than this little Japanese upstart, for a ¼ of the cost.

Fitted with an upgraded Boost Gauge and an aftermarket exhaust similar in size and volume to the OEM item (we presume replaced as a consumable part) otherwise a completely stock example.

This is an opportunity to buy something truly iconic and getting rarer by the day, a good investment to be enjoyed and cherished.

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